9 July 2014

Andrzej Olejniczak & Apertus String Quartet, Different Choice (2010)

”I am truly impressed. It is rare to come across music like this. Manyelements deserve particular attention and admiration. As a saxophonist, I especially value Andrzej´s wonderful playing technique. Next,there is the quality of the recording. The proportions, sound of instruments, quantity and quality of the reverb – all are outstanding. And the third, and probably the most important factor, (for me especially so) the repertoire. The compositions and arrangements, both of the jazz- and more classical- style, are absolutely the best possible”.
Zbigniew Namysłowski – jazz saxophonist and composer

„Andrzej Olejniczak surprised us all with his last album. Both his fans and all Polish jazzmen, as well as classical music audience. The music on Different Choice album is a real phenomenon which escapes easy categorisation. There is almost no improvisation, but there is a first class string quartet, four beautiful ladies, whose music for sure must not be described only as a pleasant background for Olejniczak’s saxophone playing. (…) Exactly as the title says, we deal with a unique category of music which requires from both parties, the musicians and the audience, a lot of focus and concentration. This is how we listen to classical music. In the case of Different Choice, the musicians have obtained the effect of openness going beyond the definition of classical chamber music. (“Hi-Fi Choice”)

“This is almost serious classical music, and it has found the best possible performer in Olejniczak. A performer who does not only play with a beautiful sound and a lot of precision, but also one who, in a very natural way, incorporates new sounds into his interpretation, and will improvise in places. To make it short, we could say that this music is beautiful, well-recorded, wonderfully performed, and very original. It really is artistically a completely “different choice”.
(“Jazz Forum”)

The Skalds symphonically

18:00 National Philharmonic Warsaw, Poland Gogolewski – piano, Andrzej Olejniczak – saxophones, Pawel Panta-bass, Adam Lewandowski-drums, Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.


Fiesta Musical by Andrzej Olejniczak

16 September at 19:00h
A special concert by Andrzej Olejniczak in his hometown Zdunska Wola !!!


Cultural Ambassador of Zdunska Wola, Poland

Andrzej Olejniczak receives the honorary title of Cultural Ambassador of Zdunska Wola, Poland.


Two Words, One Music

30.11.2016 IñakiSalvador– piano, Andrzej Olejniczak – saxophones Leioa Conservatory of Music,Spain Concert organized with the support of PolishCultural Institute in Madrid



JAZZ BBK FESTIVAL, BILBAO, SPAIN, BBK CONCERT HALL. Concert organized with the support of Polish Cultural Institute  in Madrid


Andrzej Olejniczak for Elvis

The day January 8 in the 81 anniversary of birth of Elvis Presley, Philharmonic Orchestra of Gorzow, Poland, held a special concert with the Repertoire of the most famous songs of the “King”. Can´t Help Falling In Love, Green, Green Grass, Fever, Bossa Nova Baby among others, arranged for Orchestra by Krzesimir Debski. As a special guest at the saxophone Andrzej Olejniczak who also played Jazz Concerto for saxophone and Orchestra composed by Krzesimir Debski in addition to the songs of Elvis Presley.


New cd. Andrzej Olejniczak / Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra 
”New Sax Concertos”

On 26th April 2013 at the Polish Radio Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio took place a special performance, whose program included three compositions for saxophone and orchestra.


We remember Zbiggy at Summer Jazz Academy

During the 7th Summer Jazz Academy on the stage of Łódź club „Wytwórnia” we are going to listen to Jan Jarczyk Montreal Group with a special guest Andrzej Olejniczak. As part of the We remember Zbiggy, the musicians will pay tribute to an outstanding, jazz violin player Zbigniew Seifert, who died prematurely.


The Colours of Poland, Andrzej Olejniczak – The true colours of saxophone.

On June 29, as part of the Łódź Philharmonic Wandering Festival „The Colours of Poland”, Andrzej Olejniczak is going to play a special concert presenting the variety of his work which ia the fruit of the forty years he has spent on the stage


A new project – W.O.W. Trio

A German guitar player Susan Weinert is unviersally acclaimed as one of the most outstanding instrumentalists on the European jazz stage. She has released 11 albums with her own compositions. She has been in a long term friendship with a Polish saxophone player Andrzej Olejniczak with whom she also shares the common language of music.