Andrzej Olejniczak / Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra “New Sax Concertos”


Olejniczak / Sendecki European Quartet, Birthday Live no. 2


String Connection, 2012


Andrzej Olejniczak & Apertus String Quartet, Different Choice


Andrzej Olejniczak Quartet, Live At Altxerri


Blue Note Poznan Jazz Club, Birthday Live (2003) – Olejniczak, Możdżer, Walicki, Konrad


Andrzej Olejniczak Quartet, Cycle Man


Andrzej Olejniczak, Iñaki Salvador Quartet, Catch


String Connection, Live


String Connection, New Romantic Expectation


String Connection, Workoholic


Extra Ball, Aquarium Live no. 3


Extra Ball, Birthday


Andrzej Olejniczak Kwintet, składanka Laureaci festiwali Złota Tarka ’76 i Jazz Nad Odrą ’76


  • Orkiestra PR i TV w Łodzi, dyryguje Henryk Debich, String Beat (1975)
  • Big Band Katowice, Music For My Friends (1978)
  • Kazimierz Jonkisz Quintet, Tiritaka (1980)
  • Andrzej Dąbrowski, Paweł Perliński Kwintet, Aquarium Live no. 8 (1981)
  • Józef Skrzek, Józefina (1981)
  • Di Rock Cimbalisten, Act One (1982)
  • Krzysztof Ścierański, Bass Line (1983)
  • Zbigniew Lewandowski, Zbigniew Lewandowski (1983)
  • Maanam, Nocny patrol (1983)
  • Zbigniew Wegehaupt, Sake (1984)
  • Itoiz, Espaloian (1985)
  • Juan Carlos Perez, Flannery eta bere astakiloak (1986)
  • Oskorri, In Fraganti (1986)
  • Itoiz, Eremuko dunen atzetik dabil (1988)
  • Mecano, Descanso Dominical (1988)
  • Orquesta Mondragon, Una Sonrisa, Por Favor (1989)
  • Orquesta Mondragon, Musica para Camaleones (1990)
  • Golden Apple Quartet, Golden Apple Quartet (1991)
  • Juan Carlos Perez, Atlantic River (1994)
  • Angel Celada, Angelitos Negros (1995)
  • Ruper Ordorika, So’Ik’So (1995)
  • Orquesta Mondragon, Memorias De Una Vaca (1995)
  • Juan Carlos Perez, Hau Berua (1996)
  • Victor Celada, Punch (1997)
  • Angel Rubio Trio & Banda del Foro, Jazzhondo (1998)
  • Julio Blasco, Paco Garcia, Clinica Tubu (1998)
  • Mario Delgado, Filactera (2002)
  • Halina Zimmermann, ‘Round Midnight Live (2003)
  • Juan Carlos Perez, Hiriko Istorioak (2006)


Andrzej Olejniczak & Apertus String Quartet, Different Choice (2010)

”I am truly impressed. It is rare to come across music like this. Manyelements deserve particular attention and admiration. As a saxophonist, I especially value Andrzej´s wonderful playing technique. Next,there is the quality of the recording. The proportions, sound of instruments, quantity and quality of the reverb – all are outstanding. And the third, and probably the most important factor, (for me especially so) the repertoire. The compositions and arrangements, both of the jazz- and more classical- style, are absolutely the best possible”.
Zbigniew Namysłowski – jazz saxophonist and composer

„Andrzej Olejniczak surprised us all with his last album. Both his fans and all Polish jazzmen, as well as classical music audience. The music on Different Choice album is a real phenomenon which escapes easy categorisation. There is almost no improvisation, but there is a first class string quartet, four beautiful ladies, whose music for sure must not be described only as a pleasant background for Olejniczak’s saxophone playing. (…) Exactly as the title says, we deal with a unique category of music which requires from both parties, the musicians and the audience, a lot of focus and concentration. This is how we listen to classical music. In the case of Different Choice, the musicians have obtained the effect of openness going beyond the definition of classical chamber music. (“Hi-Fi Choice”)

“This is almost serious classical music, and it has found the best possible performer in Olejniczak. A performer who does not only play with a beautiful sound and a lot of precision, but also one who, in a very natural way, incorporates new sounds into his interpretation, and will improvise in places. To make it short, we could say that this music is beautiful, well-recorded, wonderfully performed, and very original. It really is artistically a completely “different choice”.
(“Jazz Forum”)

Olejniczak / Sendecki European Quartet, Birthday Live no. 2 (2013)

„What permeated from the stage on a winter evening in Poznań was  extraordinary freedom of all the musicians who knew exactly what to do at all times. A lot of improvisation and created on the spot solos, total spontaneity and tangible joy coming from the experience of creating music together. The concert, included on this album, is a remarkable example of the chemistry and this special something, characteristic of only the most outstanding musicians.”
(„Jazz Press”)

Andrzej Olejniczak Quartet, Live At Altxerri (2004)

„Unique abilities of Olejniczak are well known to all admirers of his work, that is why it is said that if you really want to get to know „Olej”, you must listen to his live concert, and not studio recordings. That is exactly what Live At Altxerri is, a recording of a concert. A concert which is perfect in many ways.”
(„Jazz Press””)