Olejniczak / Sendecki

In the 1970s, Andrzej Olejniczak and Władysław „Adzik” Sendecki together with Jarek Śmietana, Jan Cichy, and Benedykt Radecki formed a group called Extra Ball. Later on they started a formation Sunship, which to this day is considered to be one of the most important jazz groups of the ’70s. In 1979 the musicians parted ways; Andrzej Olejniczak joined the line-up of String Connection, and in 1984 left for Spain. Władysław Sendecki first emigrated to Germany in 1981, and then to Switzerland, where he lives till now. He has become a valued session and concert musician. He has collaborated with artists such as Billy Cobham, Michael and Randy Brecker, Marcus Miller, or Jaco Pastorius.

After many years, in 1999, the musicians got together and played a concert in Frankfurt am Main, and decided to renew their musical collaboration. Since then, they have been taking part in different projects, they have been geuests at many festivals, such as Jazz im Palmengarten in Frankfurt, Semana Grande de Bilbao (Andrzej Olejniczak’s project including a jazz quartet and a symphony orchestra), Kraków Jazz Night, Gulf Jazz Festival, Bilbao BBK Ciclo Jazz. Their performance during IV Summer Jazz Academy in Łódź in 2011 was deemed one of the greatest events of that festival.

The concerts of the quartet are based mainly on the own compositions of the two leaders, which present a wide range of sounds: from the contemporary hard bop to free-jazz, with influence of Polish classical and folk music, as well as Spanish music.

„Adzik Sendecki at the piano is a musician whose playing suprises the listeners with its imaginativeness and sophistication. It seems that he could even turn a phone book into a decent jazz standard. Olejniczak playing the saxophone represents musical freedom, which, in each piece, lets him create fantastic well-thought-out sounds and improvisations, delightful in their perfection. This outstanding musician knows how to be humble, and with the instrument resting against his chest listen to his friends playing. It is this ability to listen to one another that tells us about the quality of this line-up.”

(„Gazeta Wyborcza”)