Andrzej Olejniczak & String Quartet

Andrzej Olejniczak  

„To play with a string quartet, to improvise to their accompaniment, without a rhythm section! This dream goes back to times when I studied classical music and, playing the clarinet, performed Mozart’s and Weber’s quintets. Later on I was fascinated by Stan Getz’s Focus and Jan Garbarek’s Luminiscence. Being involved in so many projects, this ideas had always been put off and waited for the right moment, which never seemed to come. However, as the time went by I had this thought that was becoming more clear to expand my work by something that would be a refreshing musical experience, and at the same time a challenge to search for a new conception of how to play.

Working with a string quartet released greater dynamics in me, and also enhanced my technical and rhythmic discipline. Executing this project made me think about my way of playing and it enriched me as a musician”.

„Different Choice” is a first project of this kind in Poland: a combination of the sound of jazz saxophone and a string quartet!

An encounter of two music worlds: an internationally recognized Polish jazzman, composer, and arranger, an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, whose first love is saxophone, and a classical string quartet searching for new paths of artistic development. The clue of this unusual project „Different Choice” is combining the classical discipline characteristic of a string quartet with full of jazz finesse, escaping the rigors of music-making, solo sax phrases.

„I am trully impressed. We haven’t had an album like this before. The  saxophone player in me is impressed by Andrzej’s great technique. The second thing is the quality of the recording: proportions, the sound of instruments, the quality and quantity of reverberations, etc. And the third thing, probably the most important, I put it specially in the third place, is the choice of repertoire. Compositions and arrangements, both the jazz ones and the more classical ones – absolutely first class”.
(Zbigniew Namysłowski)