Andrzej Olejniczak Quartet

Cycle Man (1999), Andrzej Olejniczak’s first fully independent album released in Spain, received a very positive reception from local jazz fans. His album Live At Altxerri (2004) was critically acclaimed by the „Jazz Forum” magazine.

„At first you may get the impression that when playing interpretations of standards the ensemble behaves in a „standard” way (and Olejniczak remains faithful to the Coltrane line of playing), whereas his true face is revealed only in the leader’s compositions. The last recording denies this „theory”, albeit not until we hear Call It a Dream that we know what Olejniczak has to offer us: beautiful, clear soprano tune, brilliant technique, melodic sense, filled with lyricism, unusual emotionalism. (…) Not even for a second do we have to deal with a typical „Spanishness”, at the same time the leader, beyond the shadow of a doubt, communicates the type of music he plays: this ideal blend of jazz with ethnic fineness constitutes the main asset of this album”.
(„Jazz Forum”)